Test and Balance

CxL Building Services provides Test and Balance to designers, building owners, facility engineers and general contractors to ensure their facilities operate efficiently and meet the end-users performance objectives:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Enhanced systems and equipment performance
  • Reduced building operation and maintenance cost
  • Improved occupant comfort and productivity
  • Decreased potential system failures  

The CxL Test and Balance Division is committed to having a project perform at the optimal comfort and performance levels possible. Using their accumulated mechanical design review, control system and testing knowledge, along with state of the art equipment, the test and balance team takes the job personally. 

All testing is done with the design intent and end user in mind. Pre-construction drawing review, submittal review, installation inspections and deficiency logs are all key components to the services offered. Communication between all parties involved in the system design and construction is a critical part of a smooth running project. Identifying possible installation, construction or design issues before they become a problem is part of what the team can bring to a project. 

From the smallest split system to entire campus testing, we have the drive and ability that contributes greatly to a successful project that will work best for the designers, owners, facilities management and tenants. 

CxL encourages a free exchange of ideas and gives the highest priority to achieving accuracy...