• ƒReduced operation costs through energy efficiency and water conservation 
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Enhanced employee comfort and health 
  • Use of environmentally preferred products and materials 
  • Identification of O&M ineffciencies
  • Public recognition in sustainability

Pre-Design/Project Development

  • ƒAssist with LEED® related project programming, including LEED® goals, Certification rating and technical support 
  • LEED® project application and registration with GBCI 
  • Assist the Architect and Engineers with LEED® related pre-design issues 

Design/Construction Document Phase 

  • Manage project details and provide team peer review for LEED® compliances 
  • Submit design and construction application for review and receive review feedback 
  • Communicate deadlines and handle team requests for changing roles or assignments

Construction Administration

  • Attend pre-bid meetings 
  • Review contractor pre-qualifications and assist with contractor interviews 
  • Perform site visits and provide issue logs 
  • Collect LEED® documentation from subcontractors 
  • Complete documentation requirements for LEED® credits and prerequisites and upload supporting files 

Dallas Green Coordination Services

Assist contractors and design professionals in meeting the City of Dallas Green ordinance for commercial construction under the following programs:  

  • Chapter 61 for Additions and First-Time Finish Out
  • Chapter 61 for New Construction
  • LEED v4 for Core & Shell
  • LEED v4 for New Construction
  • LEED v4 for Commercial Interiors - First Time Finish Out

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